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Welcome to the Stafford Meadows community page.

From here, you will be able to contact the association about any concerns or issues you have, report violations you've seen (anonymously), view all association documentation, and gain more knowledge on our way forward as a community. On the tabs above, you can find our list of milestones and videos that you might find helpful. To view any documentation or ask questions of your association, please create an account by clicking HERE

Curious what we've been working on, and our way ahead as a community?

Status / Title Description
Vehicle Decals Provide owners new vehicle decal information. Provide new documentation on visitor pass cost change.
File claim for hail damage Provide the insurance company all information required to repair the damage done by the hail storm
Insurance information Provide best practices for purchasing insurance for your unit
Assess basement floodings Do a water survey to determine why basements are flooding, and find mitigating factors to resolve it. (Started)
Landscaping Services Send out bid for new landscaping service and select provider. (Contract established until 2020 with Brightview)
Trash Services Send out bid and select trash services (Contract selected with 2018 end date)
Anonymous submittal Add a feature to the community website, that allows people to submit anonymous concerns about neighbors
Upcoming reminders Create a frontend and backend interface for creating upcoming events such as meetings. Basic information has been added, but no interface has been completed.
Expense breakdown Create an interface for a frontend and backend to add pie information.
Add Message Board Add a message board for the community to submit news they want others to know
Add a calendar Add a calendar for events that are going on in the community
Community Trees Assess dead or dying trees. Remove if necessary (Partially complete)
Apartment style condo, stair replacement Replace or repair the decaying stairs and landings in the apartment-style condos. (Minor repairs have been done. Notified by repair company that follow on issues warrant replacement instead of repair)

These videos will show you how to create an account on our website, tips on maintaining your home, and other important information to you. Stay tuned for additional videos.

This our community bulletin board. You can submit a message for the board to be added and approved, by logging in and selecting "Submit Board Message" from the top menu.

Christopher Phipps

09-28-18 8:31 am

Parking enforcement

As a reminder to all residents, vehicles will be towed if the correct visitor tag and vehicle tags aren't used. Vehicles with expired tags will also be towed.